A New Science-Based Approach to Speed-Reading

By applying recent neuroscience discoveries about how we read and understand visual information, Rabbit Word's unique large-scale chunking approach helps you to read concepts and ideas rather than words or letters.

People see and process large chunks of visual data, being able to recognize and distinguish tremendous amounts in tenths of a second. Similarly, although our thoughts are converted in writing to a stream of individual words, they occur in our brains as complex ideas.

Rabbit Word makes reading more like seeing than listening, with a shift to understanding chunks of words as whole concepts rather than imagined speech sounds. With a little practice, you can read much faster with Rabbit Word while deepening your understanding of what you read.


The most modern and up-to-date speed-reading tool available


A new, more natural way to read based on neuroscience

Simple to Use

Intuitive and attractive interface gets you reading in seconds


Read PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, and more


Innovative large-scale text chunking provides greater efficiency and comprehension


Supports the well established Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technique

Structure Analysis

Connecting colorization of paragraphs, sentences, and fragments

Frequency Analysis

Highlighting based on word frequency and complexity


Peripheral previewing without losing your focus

Customizable Fonts

Adjust the font and font size for greatest legibility

Live Navigation

Pause and manually navigate through text

Quick and Easy

Copy any text from your pasteboard and read with one command

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To download a free trial of Rabbit Word, please click the following link:

rabbit-word.zip (2.5 MB)

The trial version is limited to 10 minutes of use at a time and has a 10 second delay at start up.