Focus Your Mind and Take Charge of Your Life!

Oh Behave is the most advanced and versatile self-improvement visualization tool available, applying proven techniques to help you accomplish your intellectual and behavioral goals.

Four visualization modes, dozens of configurable settings, and a flexible system for creating your own goals empower you to succeed. Using affirmations, guided imagery, meditative concepts, topical photos, priming, and more, you have the power to change your thinking habits and focus your mind.

Oh Behave is packed with advanced features like subliminal backmasking, integrated text to speech, display randomization, and unobtrusive background presentation to help you manage and direct your mind. Accomplish your goals today with Oh Behave!


Select from four powerful visualization modes


Apply proven techniques for focus and behaviorial change

Easy to Use

Simply select a visualization and press play


Create your own goals and prepare for your success


Add sentences, words, and images for visualization


Useful for meditation, sports imagery, learning, and much more


Run discreetly in the background while you work and play


Try subliminal methods including visual backmasking


Focus completely on your goals with fullscreen mode


Customize with dozens of visual, timing, and feature settings


Hear your messages as they are shown with automated speech

Get Started

See it in action with four starter goals containing 150 messages

Available for $9.99 USD directly through PayPal:

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To download a free trial of Oh Behave, please click the following link: (1.1 MB)

The trial version is limited to 10 minutes of use at a time and has a 10 second delay at start up.